Community Watershed Stewardship Program - Grant and Information Session at East Portland Community Center

Removing Pavement

Community Watershed Stewardship Program (CWSP) grantees will discuss their community improvement projects with other East Portlanders at the East Portland Community Center on Thursday, February 17 at 7:00 p.m. Grant program staff will also be there to discuss the grants program, the grant application, and project planning assistance that they can provide to community groups.


Gilbert Park SUN School Coordinator Mandy Hurley will discuss the native plant garden that she and her students installed at Gilbert Park school, and Kathy Gould will discuss the community food garden and native plant garden constructed at Glenfair Church. The Glenfair Community Garden was recently featured on the News blog. East Portland residents developed and implemented both projects to build community and improve watershed health and neighborhood livability.


Planting natives


If you want to learn about these two projects and the grants program, or if you are developing or implementing a community greening project, please come to learn about the resources we have to offer and to tell other community members about your ideas.  


Our web page at has information about the diverse types of projects that improve watershed health and address other community goals. Please contact Grants Coordinator Garrett Phillips at 503-823-7917 or to discuss project ideas and the grants program, to learn more about the information session, or to send an optional RSVP.    


Grant Information Session

Thursday, February 17

7:00 p.m.

East Portland Community Center 

740 SE 106th Avenue







Neighborhood: East Portland Neighborhood Office